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Family Systems

“It would be difficult to overestimate the importance of human relationships, in the world of the personal and the world at large.  Relationships between people are a critical and decisive force.  The quality of relationships most often determines the quality of life”  (Gilbert, 1992, p. 3).


This therapy gives the client an opportunity to look at family and their family as a unit where each part is interdependent, but the family operates in a system.  The system is a body of parts that works together, for peace and harmony, for destruction, for survival.  A change in one part of the system affects every part of the system.


Murray Bowen developed family systems theory.  His idea was that the basic unit of emotional functioning may not be the individual, but the family.  It incorporates an entire relationship system.  Therapy provides the opportunity for this to be explored in a safe, secure and supported space.